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December 2010

December 20

Title: polarizable ions at interfaces  
Presenter: W.M. Sung

December 11

Title: Single molecule signals 
Presenter: S.H. KIM

December 06

Title: Charge inversion in diffusive double layer : experimental and theoretical approatch  
Presenter: S.J. Seok

December 02

Title: Bilayer Graphene 1 & Bilayer Graphene 2 
Presenter: Youngmo KIM

Novermber 2010

November 27

Title: HNMR 
Presenter: M. Ao

November 20

Title: Nonlinear electrophoresis of dielectric and metal spheres in a nematic liquid crystal 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

November 11

Title: Fluorescence behavior and specific interactions of an ionc liquid in ethylene glycol derivates 
Presenter: Seoncheol Cha

November 04

Title: Maker Fringe Experiments 
Presenter: H.S. Min

October 2010

October 27

Title: How accurate PB theory for monovalent ions near Highly charged interface? 
Presenter: W.M. Sung

October 21

Title: Gromacs 
Presenter: S.H. Kim

October 15

Title: Ellipsometric study of the surface of simple liquids 
Presenter: S.J. Seok

October 08

Title: Conformation of IL 
Presenter: M. Ao

October 04

Title: The effects of anion and cation substitution on the ultrafast solvent dynamics of IL 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

September 2010

September 25

Presenter: S.C. Cha

September 18

Title: Graphene Visualizes the First Water Adlayers on Mica at Ambient Conditions 
Presenter: H.S. Min

September 04

Title: Hidden Markov Methods 
Presenter: S.H. Kim

August 2010

August 28

Title: Surface freezing in chain molecules 
Presenter: S.J. Seok

August 21

Title: Optical Kerr Effect Theory 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

July 2010

July 31

Title: Nonlinear optical studies of LC alignment on a rubbed PVA surface 
Presenter: W.M. Sung

July 27

Title: Watching conformational-photodynamics of single fluorescent proteins in solution 
Presenter: S.C. Cha

July 21

Title: Femtosecond Optical Kerr Studies on the Origin of the Nonlinear Responses in Simple Liquids 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

July 10

Title: LB13 in Quebec 
Presenter: S.J. Seok

June 2010

June 19

Title: Chemistry of Hofmeister Anions and Osmolytes 
Presenter: H.S. Min

June 11

Title: Vibrational Response of H-bonded interfacial water is dominated by intermolecular coupling 
Presenter: W.M. Sung

June 05

Title: Measurement of the instantaneous velocity of a brownian particle 
Presenter: S.C. Cha

May 2010

May 28

Title: Local surface potentials and electric diople moments of lipid monolayers 
Presenter: S.J. Seok

May 22

Title: shortrange-dyedyeinteration 
Presenter: S.H. Kim

May 15

Title: Analysis of the Optical Heterodyne Detected-Optical Kerr Effect(OHD-OKE) signal 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

May 07

Title: Direct measurement of the TransbilayerMovement of Phospholipids by SFVS 
Presenter: W.M. Sung

April 2010

April 30

Title: On the Structure of Water at the Aqueous/Air Interface 
Presenter: H.S. Min

April 17

Title: Variation of ionic strength reveals the interfacial water structure at a charged mineral surface 
Presenter: S.J. Seok

April 10

Title: RecBCD 
Presenter: S.H. Kim

April 03

Title: Femtosecond OKE studies Water 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

March 2010

March 27

Title: Humidity Dependent Structure of Surface Water on Perfluorosulfonated Ionomer Thin Film 
Presenter: H.S. Min

March 23

Title: Fast molecular tracking 
Presenter: S.C. Cha

Feburuary 2010

Feburuary 12

Title: SOFI 
Presenter: S.C. Cha

January 2010

January 30

Title: AFM chargeinversion 
Presenter: S.J. Seok

January 23

Title: Passive optical interferometer 
Presenter: H.S. Jun

January 16

Title: Molecular Design Strategies for Optimizing the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Chiral Crystals 
Presenter: H.S. Min

January 09

Title: Debye-Hückel theory for interfacial geometries 
Presenter: W.M. Sung
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