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=== July 18 ===
=== July 18 ===
  Title: [[Media:20150718SCCHA.pdf|TBA]]   
  Title: [[Media:20150718SCCHA.pdf|HB dynamics in a protic ionic liquid:Evidence of large-angle jumps]]   
  Presenter: S.Cha
  Presenter: S.Cha

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Upcoming journal club & Progress report schedule

DATE Journal, Progress
12/05 Woongmo, Jonggwan 
12/12 Sunchul, Zaure
12/28 (9:30AM) Jaejin, Yoonnam
01/09 Jonggwan, Adam
01/16 Zaure, Woongmo
01/23 Yoonnam, Sunchul
01/30 Adam, Jaejin
02/06 Woongmo, Jonggwan
02/13 Sunchul, Zaure
02/20 Jaejin, Yoonnam
02/27 Jonggwan, Adam

December 2015

Dec 26

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Jaejin Lee

Dec 12

Title: Strong isotope effect in the vib response of the hydration shells of hydrophobic ions  
Presenter: Sunchul Cha

Dec 5

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Woongmo Sung

November 2015

Nov 28

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Adam Turner

Nov 20

Title: 2D assemblies of ionic liquid crystals based on imidazolium moieties: formation of ion-conductive layers  
Presenter: Y Jeon

Nov 14

Title: Interactions of Water With the Nonionic Surfactant Polyoxyethylene Glycol Alkyl Ethers Studied by Phase-Sensitive SFG and MD Simulation  
Presenter: Zaure Avazbaeva

Nov 7

Title: Validation of Spectra and Phase in Sub-wavenumber Resolution Sum-Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy Through Internal Heterodyne Phase Resolved Measurement  
Presenter: Jonggwan Lee

October 2015

Oct 31

Title: TBA  
Presenter: J. J. Lee

Oct 24

Title: Ultrafast 2D IR spec of the excess H in liquid water  
Presenter: S. C. Cha

Oct 17

Title: Self-referenced spectral interferometry for ultrashort infrared pulse characterization  
Presenter: W. M. Sung

Oct 10

Title: Specific Ion Effects on the Water Solubility of Macromolecules: PNIPAM and the Hofmeister Series  
Presenter: Y. Jeon

Oct 2

Title: Time-Domain SFG Spectroscopy Using Mid-IR Pulse Shaping: Practical and Intrinsic Advantages  
Presenter: Z. Avazbaeva

September 2015

Sep 25

Title: Multiphoton intrapulse interference. IV. Ultrashort laser pulse spectral phase characterization and compensation  
Presenter: Jonggwan Lee

Sep 18

Title: TBA  
Presenter: J. J. Lee

Sep 12

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Srinivas

Sep 05

Title: Dynamics of solitary water in C6H6 and C6F6: An IR and Raman study  
Presenter: S. C. CHA

August 2015

Aug 29

Title: Microsecond Protein Dynamics Observed at the Single-molecule Level  
Presenter: W. Sung

Aug 22

Title: Interaction of Water Highly Diluted in 1-Alkyl-3-methyl Imidazolium Ionic Liquids with the PF6- and BF4- Anions  
Presenter: Y Jeon

Aug 13

Title: Development of single-channel HD-SFG spectroscopy and its application to the water/vapor interface  
Presenter: Z AVAZBAEVA

Aug 7

Title: IR absorption spectrum(4200–3100cm-1) of H2O and (H2O)2 in CCl4. Estimates of the equilibrium constant and evidence that the atmospheric water absorption continuum is due to the water dimer  
Presenter: Jonggwan LEE

Aug 1

Title: TBA  
Presenter: JJ LEE

July 2015

July 25

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Srinivas

July 18

Title: HB dynamics in a protic ionic liquid:Evidence of large-angle jumps  
Presenter: S.Cha

July 11

Title: Enhancement of Second-order Nonlinear-optical Signals by Optical Stimulation   
Presenter: W.M.SUNG

July 4

Title: Probing the Solvent-Assisted Nucleation Pathway in Chemical Self-Assembly  
Presenter: Y Jeon

June 2015

June 24

Title: Cation Effects On Interfacial Water Organization Of Aqueous Chloride Solutions. I. Monovalent Cations: Li+, Na+, K+, And NH4+.
Presenter: Zaure

June 3

Title: Ultrafast Dynamics of Solute-Solvent complexation Observed at Thermal Equilibrium in Real Time  
Presenter: S.Cha

May 2015

MAY 20

Title: Spin relaxation time in NMR spectroscopy  
Presenter: Jonggwan LEE

APRIL 2015


Title: Azeotrope  
Presenter: Y Jeon


Title: TBA  
Presenter: Se Tola


Title: Evidence of the adsorption of hydroxide ion at hexadecane/water interface from second harmonic generation study  
Presenter: Zaure


Title: A physiochemcial investigantion of IL mixtures  
Presenter: S.C.Cha


Title: TBA  
Presenter: Srinivas

MARCH 2015


Title: TBA  
Presenter: D.K.Singh


Title: 2D-IR spectroscopy: ultrafast insights into biomolecule structure and function
Journal link: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlehtml/2009/cs/b819181f
Presenter: Jonggwan LEE



Title: On the Origin of Broadening of Single-Molecule FRET Efficiency Distributions beyond Shot Noise Limits  
Presenter: J.J.LEE


Title: Extreme surface propensity of halide ions in water  
Presenter: W.M.SUNG


Title: Surface Behavior of Malonic Acid Adsorption at the Air/Water Interface  
Presenter: Zaure



Title: Microemulsions and the Flexibility of Oil/Water Interfaces  
Presenter: Y JEON


Title: Water structural transformations at molecular hydrophobic interfaces  
Presenter: S.C.CHA


Title: Temperature Responsive Ionic liquid-water interfaces  
Presenter: Srinivas


Title: TBA  
Presenter: singh

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