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Doseok Kim, Professor



R1025, Department of Physics
Sogang University
Seoul. 121-742 Korea
TEL: +82-2-705-8878
FAX: +82-2-711-4518


Seoul National University, B.A. (Physics), 1988.
University of California, Ph.D. (Physics), 1997.
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. 1997~1998.
Sogang University, Dept. Physics, 1998~

Current interests

Spectroscopic study on soft condensed matter systems
Single-molecule biophysics and single-molecule spectroscopy
Fast dynamics (time-resolved absorption, photoluminescence) studied with ultrafast lasers

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Ph.D. degree Students

Sona Krem

Smos Photo Sona.JPG EMAIL:
Office: R1020

Current interest: Sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy (SFG-VS)

Sokhuoy Sam

Sokhuoy .jpg EMAIL:
Office: R1020

Current interest: Sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy (SFG-VS)

Si Heon Sung (성시헌)

Rz 성시헌 여권 소스(수정후).jpg EMAIL:
Office: R1020

Current interest: Sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy (SFG-VS)

M.S. degree Students

Sophea Hin

Png200pxthumbleftalt text-.jpeg EMAIL:
Office: R1020

Current interest: Sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy (SFG-VS)


강명균 (MS. in 2001)

Thesis topic: Generation of white-light continuum by condensing pico-second pulse laser with water and heavy water

EMAIL: mkang2(at)
now at 3M

정진호 (MS. in 2002)

Thesis topic: Construction of time-resolved spectroscopic equipment using Ti:Sapphire laser

EMAIL: halfling.jung(at)
now at Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology

김성호 (MS. in 2003)

Thesis topic: Time-resolved luminescence upconversion

now at Samsung SDI

박경수 (MS. in 2003)

Thesis topic: Air/alcohol-water mixture interfaces studied by Infrared-Visible sum-frequency vibrational spectrscopy

EMAIL: kyungsoowind.park(at)
now at Samsung Electro-Mechanics

정주영 (MS. in 2004)

Thesis topic: Optical Kerr Gate & Optical Heterodyne detected - Optical Kerr Gate의 비교

EMAIL: acooa1(at)
now at Dongwoo Optron

이명희 (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Joined group: 2002
Left group: Dec. 2004

EMAIL: mhlee(at)
now researcher at Konkuk University-Fraunhofer Institute

성재호 (MS. in 2001, Ph.D. in 2007)

MS. thesis topic : 이광자 흡수를 이용한 극초단 펄스 반치폭 측정
Ph.D. thesis topic: Surfaces of several liquids studied by sum-frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy

EMAIL: jaeho.sung (at)
now at ASML

서동일 (MS. in 2008)

Thesis topic: Interference with a photon pair from parametric down conversion

EMAIL: inno0000(at)
now at Samsung Techwin

Liao Qinghong (Exchange Student)

Joined group : Sep. 2008
Left group : June 2009

Tae Kyu Shim (심태규, MS. in 2005, Ph.D. in 2009)

MS Thesis topic: Study on the photophysical properties of hemicyanine molecules in several solvents
Ph.D. Thesis topic : Time-resolved fluorescence study of dye molecules in various liquid media and zeolite matrices

EMAIL: kshim(at)
now at Samsung Mobile Display

Yoonnam Jeon (전윤남, MS. in 2005, Ph.D. in 2010)

MS. thesis topic : Bulk and Interfacial properties of air/ionic liquid-water mixture
PhD. thesis tiopic : Bulk and Surface structure of ionic liquids

EMAIL: plome2(at)
now at IBS center for soft and living matter in UNIST

MingQi Ao (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Joined group : Aug 2010
Left group : Aug 2011

EMAIL: aomingqi(at)
now at Unilever China.

Heasik Min (민해식, Ph.D. in 2011)

Ph.D. thesis topic : Construction of sum-frequency generation spectroscopic setup and the second-harmonic phase measurements on quartz crystal and ordered organic samples

EMAIL: m1i2n3(at)

HeeSun Jun (전희선, MS. in 2004, Ph.D. in 2012)

MS. thesis topic : Ultrafast third-order nonlinear response by Optical Kerr Gate
Ph.D. thesis topic : Optical heterodyne detected-optical Kerr effect (OHD-OKE) study on ionic liquids

EMAIL: lib1003(at)
now at Samsung

Sangjun Seok (석상준, Ph.D. in 2012)

Ph.D. thesis topic : Studies of soft matter interfaces by imaging ellipsometry

EMAIL: seainme78(at)
now at Samsung

Hyeon-gi Shin (신현기, MS. in 2012)

MS. thesis topic : 광결정 광섬유와 펨토초 레이저를 사용한 초 연속스펙트럼 발생 및 응용

EMAIL: shk-225(at)
now at Auros technology

Vu Duong (부 동, Post-doctoral Fellow)

Joined group: APR, 2012
Left group: APR, 2013
EMAIL: duongvu(at)
Now at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

SungHyun Kim (김승현, MS. in 2008, Ph.D. in 2013)

MS. thesis topic : Single-Molecule Fluorescence Study on the Filament Dynmaics of RecA
Ph.D. thesis topic : Phase shift and locking of RecA nucleoprotein filament

EMAIL: folium(at)
now postdoc at TUdelft

Dheeraj Kumar Singh (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Joined group: Aug, 2013
Left group: May, 2015
EMAIL: dksinghbhu.dr(at)
Now at Prof. Materny's lab in Germany

Se Tola (MS. in 2015)

MS. thesis topic : Position dependence of immobilized dye molecules in single molecule fluorescence measurement

EMAIL: se.tola(at)
Now at Royal University of Phnom Penh as a lecturer

Kancharla Srinivasarao (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Joined group: Nov, 2014
Left group: Oct, 2015
EMAIL: sreeksrinivasarao(at)
Now at Prof. Joao Coutinho's lab at Portugal

Jonggwan Lee (이종관, MS. in 2016)

MS. thesis topic : Application of two-dimensional correlation analysis to sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy

EMAIL: jonggwan25(at)
now at Samsung Electronics

Sunchul Cha (차선철, MS. in 2010, Ph.D. in 2016)

MS. thesis topic : Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Study on some Aqueous Solutions
Ph.D. thesis topic : Spectroscopic study on imidazolium-based ionic liquids

EMAIL: sunchul(at)
now posdoc at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Woongmo Sung (성웅모, MS. in 2011, Ph.D. in 2016)

MS. thesis topic : Interfacial structure of water and lipid monolayer probed by sum-frequency generation spectroscopy
Ph.D. thesis topic : Adsorption Characteristics of Halide Anions in Langmuir Monolayer/water Interface

EMAIL: dandyswm(at)
now postdoc at RIKEN (Tahara Group)

Adam Turner (Post-doctoral Fellow)

(QUB) MSc Thesis topic: "Ultracold Chemistry"
(QUB) PhD Thesis topic: "Investigations of Ionic Liquid-Solute Interactions Towards Applications"

Email: turner(at)
now professor at Ateneo De Manila (Republic of the Philippines)

Koji Osawa (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Interest topic : Spectroscopic study on solute-solvent interaction and dynamics


JaeJin Lee (이재진) (MS, Ph.D, and Post-doctoral Fellow)

Ph.D thesis: DNA looping by Anabaena sensory rhodopsin transducer (ASRT) by using single molecule FRET based DNA cyclization assay

Interest topic : Single molecules biophysics


Now work as a Post-doctoral research at Catholic University of Korea

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