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Postdoc positions

We are looking for a postdoc who can work on one of the following fields.

(1) single-molecule biophysics project

Currently in our lab single-molecule fluorescence resonant energy transfer (FRET) and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) setups are in operation, and are used to study biological processes at the molecular level such as DNA-protein interaction and conformation changes of DNA. Ph.D. with background in molecular biology is encouraged to apply if one is interested in applying single-molecule techniques to biological systems.

(2) Ionic liquid

We use various spectroscopic techniques to study bulk and surface properties of Ionic liquids. Researchers having background on these subjects are encouraged to apply to this position.

M.A. and Ph.D. students

Senior undergraduate or graduate students having interest in experimental physics (more specifically, optical and spectroscopic techniques to study soft matters and biological systems) are always welcome to visit our office or the lab to get more information.

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