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Upcoming journal club & Progress report schedule

DATE Journal, Progress
03/05 (9:00am) Zaure, Woongmo
03/11 (Fri. 3:00PM) Jaejin, Sunchul
03/21 (Mon. 5:00PM) Adam, Jaejin 
03/25 (Fri. 9:30AM) Woongmo, Jonggwan, Uno
04/01 (Fri. 9:30 AM) Sunchul, Zaure
04/08 (Fri, 5:00 PM) Jaejin, Adam, Masahito
04/16 Jonggwan, Woongmo
04/23 Krem Sona, Sunchul
04/30 Zaure, Jaejin

March 2016

Mar 26

Title: Proton Availability at the Air/water Interface  
Presenter: Woongmo Sung

Mar 19

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Adam Turner

Mar 12

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Yoonnam Jeon

Mar 5

Title: Effect of the Degree of Dissociation of Molecules in a Monolayer at an Air/Water Interface on the Force Between the Monolayer and a Like-Charged Particle in the Subphase  
Presenter: Zaure Avazbaeva

February 2016

Feb 24

Title: Polymer Adsorption on Graphite and CVD Graphene Surfaces Studied by Surface-Specific Vibrational Spectroscopy  
Presenter: Jonggwan Lee

Feb 20

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Jaejin Lee

Feb 13

Title: Hydrophobic IL  
Presenter: Sunchul Cha

Feb 5

Title: Unveiling Microscopic Structure of Charged Interfaces by Surface-Specific Vibrational Spectroscopy  
Presenter: Woongmo Sung

January 2016

Jan 30

Title: TBA  
Presenter: Adam Turner

Jan 23

Title: Droplet polydispersity and shape fluctuations in AOT microemulsions  
Presenter: Yoonnam Jeon

Jan 16

Title: Phospholipid monolayer/water interfacese  
Presenter: Zaure Avazbaeva

Jan 9

Title: Graphene on Mica - Intercalated Water Trapped for Life  
Presenter: Jonggwan Lee

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