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Dec. 22, 2011

Our proposal on Korea-Vietnam Joint research was chosen from NRF for a support of 3 years. We are expecting collaboration with Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan at Vietnam National University on surface SFG from liquid surfaces.

Dec. 17, 2011

Next week's group meeting will be on Dec. 23rd, 9:00 AM. Dr. Vu Duong from Institute of Physics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology is visiting our lab from Dec. 25th till 31st. He will give a talk on "Spin polarized Tunneling current from a point of GaAs to metalic surface" on Dec. 29th, 2 PM.

Dec. 5, 2011

Some of us will go to Jeju island to attend International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices (ICAMD) from Dec. 7th till 9th.

Nov. 22, 2011

Woongmo got Global Ph.D. fellowship from National Research Foundation, and will get support for up to 4 years. He will treat us with nice dinner on Wednesday night.

Nov. 18, 2011

Sung Hyun got a presentation award from the KPS. Congratulations!

Oct. 29, 2011

Sung Hyun will go to Beijing to attend the international biophysics congress next week (Oct. 30. - Nov. 3).

Oct. 17, 2011

Prof. Kim, Sung Hyun, and Sunchul will go to Pusan to attend the KPS meeting from Oct. 19th to 21st.

Sep. 13, 2011

Prof. Kim will be out of office to Hanoi from Sep. 15th to 18th.

Aug. 31, 2011

Prof. David Vaknin from Ames Lab. and Iowa State University will visit our lab from Sep. 3rd till 10th. He will give a talk on Sep. 5th (Monday) at AS414 at 5PM, with a title of 'Surfaces sensitive and ion-specific X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction at liquid Interface'. He will also give a colloquium at Chemistry Department on Sep. 7th (Wednesday) at R404 at 5PM, with a title of 'Structure and phenomena at liquid surfaces by synchrotron X-ray radiation'..

Aug. 31, 2011

We will have a farewell party for Prof. Shen at 7PM Friday.

Aug. 29, 2011

Prof. Shen will give a departmental colloquium tomorrow (Aug. 30th). The title is 'Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Surface Plasmons'.

Aug. 19, 2011

Prof. Kim is out of office to Belfast and Amsterdam from Aug. 21st till Aug. 28th. We are expecting a visit from Prof. Shen from Aug. 28th till Sep. 3rd. We also will host Prof. Yukio Ouchi from Aug. 28th till Aug. 31st.

Aug. 18, 2011

Mingqi is inviting us all for her farewell party at 6:30PM tomorrow.

Aug. 6, 2011

Welcome party for Zaure, and farewell party for Mingqi and Haesik will be on Aug. 12th, 6:30PM in Fortuna Restaurant at Dongdaemun historic place station.

Aug. 1, 2011

Takkyoon gave his first poster presentation on the 1st KIAS conference on subcellular dynamics on Jul. 25th.

July 7, 2011

Prof. Tae-Kyu Ahn from Sung Kyun Kwan University will give a seminar on July 11th, 10AM-12AM at AS 414. The talk will cover his recent work on spectroscopic studies of the quantum effect on photosynthetic proteins.

June 27, 2011

Prof. Kim will be visit Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia from June 30 to July 3rd.

June 9, 2011

Prof. Kim and Sunchul will be out of town to Washington DC from June 13 to 20 to attend the Conference on Ionic Liquids.

May 13, 2011

Prof. Markus Raschke at University of Colorado is visiting our lab from May 20th to 22nd. He will give a seminar on 'Controlling optical fields in space and time for ultrafast nano-imaging and -spectroscopy' on 20th at 4:30pm at K406. We will have a group dinner (hosted by Prof. Shen and Mrs. Shen) afterwards at 7pm at Crystal Jade at Myung-Dong.

May 13, 2011

Our proposal on 'Physical Properties of Ionic Liquids' was finally chosen, for a support from NRF for the next 5 years!

Apr. 27, 2011

Prof. Shen and Mrs. Shen is visiting our lab again from May 3rd till May 22nd. We plan to have a group party on either May 4th or 6th.

Apr. 27, 2011

Prof. Xiaofeng Jin at Fudan University is visiting the deparment from May 1st till May 3rd. He will give a deparmental colloquium on May 3rd.

Apr. 1, 2011

Dr. Masahito Oh-e is visiting our lab from Apr. 28th till May 7th. He will give a seminar in the group meeting on May 6th.

Feb. 15, 2011

W.M. Sung received his M.S. degree in physics. Congratulations.

Feb. 13, 2011

Prof. Kim is out of town to visit Vietnam for Feb 13 to 23. He will give a series of lectures on Optics for undergraduate students.

Fab. 10, 2011

We will attend the winter meeting of optical society of korea held on Feb 10th and 11th. S.J. Seok, S.H. Kim, W.M. Sung, and S.C. Cha will present their research projects.

Jan. 28, 2011

Prof. Shen (together with Mrs. Shen) is visiting our lab from Jan. 28 till mid-February. He will give a plenary lecture at the Optical Society of Korea Annual Meeting to be held at our campus from Feb. 10 to 11.

Jan. 15, 2011

New Year's Party at Prof. Kim's place. Please come to the Sincheon Subway station at 6pm.

Dec. 30, 2010

Math formular in LaTex format is available now. See Help page.

Dec. 27, 2010

Our old server computer finally passed away. Now we are launching a new web site on Ubuntu 10.10.

Jan. 9, 2010

Happy Holiday !

new year dinner

we are planning to have a dinner together on Jan. 9, 2010 at 6pm

place : prof. Kim's place

Dec. 22, 2009

Prof. Jinhyoung Lee of Hanyang University will open graduate-level course on quantum optics during January and February of 2010. Anyone (including undergraduates) intersted in taking the class for credit or auditing the class can contact Prof. Doseok Kim for details. The first class will be on Jan. 4th, 2PM on R1025.

Dec. 12, 2009

5 of the lab members went to Jeju Island to attend International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices-2009 (ICAMD) this week.

Nov. 30, 2009

We will host a small workshop on 'Liquid surfaces' at Lotte City Hotel from Dec. 3rd to 4th. The workshop program can be found here.

Nov. 27, 2009

Official Joong-Ang Marathon (10 km course, held on Nov. 1st) records are as follows.
Jeon Yoonnam : 47m 08s
Prof. Kim : 52m 03s
Min Haesik : 56m 26s
Sung Woongmo : 1h 01m 25s
Seok Sangjun : 1h 01m 30s
Jun Heesun : 1h 09m 58s
Shin Hyungi : did not come to the course! (overslept)

Nov. 23, 2009

Prof. Y. R. Shen came to our lab as a World-Class University distinguished professor. He will stay until Dec. 13th, and will attend the International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices (ICAMD) 2009 at Jeju island.

Nov. 6, 2009

Prof. Toshifumi Iimori at Research Institute for Electronic Science of Hokkaido University visited our lab from Nov. 3rd to 5th. On Nov. 4th, he gave a talk on photoinduced conductivity in molecular conductors and superconductors.

Oct. 29, 2009

Prof. Jinhyoung Lee at Hanyang University visited our group and gave a talk on 'A quantum metrology to survey nonclassical properties".

Oct. 21, 2009

We are attending 'Korean Physics Society Meeting' held in Changwon from OCT 21 ~ OCT 23. Sung Hyun, Yoonnam and Seoncheol are scheduled to give a presentation on OCT 23.

Oct. 20, 2009

Sangjun, Heesun, Woongmo, Hyungi and Prof. Kim are out of town from October 20 to 21 attending Korean Optical Society ' at Gwangju. Woongmo and Hyungi are scheduled to give talks on October 20.

Sep. 7, 2009

Prof. Y. R. Shen is visiting our lab. as a World-Class University distinguished professor. His office is at R1015, and he will stay until Sep. 18th. His departmental colloquium is planned on Sep. 15th.

Aug 30, 2009

Taekyu left the group to join Mischa Bonn's group at AMOLF as a postdoc. Take care!

Aug 30, 2009

Sangjun and Woongmo are out of town to Shanghai for a week to attend CLEO-PR'09.

Aug 10, 2009

Sunghyun, SeonCheol, and Prof. Kim are out of town on Aug 10th visiting Kaist for single-molecule biophysics workshop.

Aug 4 ~ 11, 2009

Sangjun Seok and Woongmo Sung are in UC. Berkeley, US for Phase-sensitive SFG experiment.

July 26 ~ 31, 2009

D. Kim and S.C. Cha are attending '7th International Symposium on Advanced Photonic Science and Technology 2009 (ISAPST 2009)' held in Shanghai, China.

June 23, 2009

Dr. Masahito Oh-e from Hitachi is visiting our group until July 10th. He will share the office with Prof. Kim.

June 23, 2009

We're going to give a farewell party for Liao Qinghong. He will go back to china on 24 June. Good-bye!!

May 31 ~ June 5, 2009

Y. Jeon and T. Shim are attending 'Conference of ionic liquids (COIL-3)' held in Cairns, Australia.

May 21, 2009

We are hosting Prof. Y. R. Shen from U. C. Berkeley as a WCU distinguished professor. His office is at R1015 and he will stay at Sogang until mid-June for his current visit. He will also give a graduate level lecture on nonlinear optics.

April 23, 2009

We are attending 'Korean Physics Society Meeting' held in Daejeon from APR 23 ~ APR 24. Sunchul and TaeKyu are scheduled to give a presentation.

March 28, 2009

Y. Jeon and S.C. Cha give a talk at the Sinchon Solid State Workshop at Sogang University.

March 2, 2009

Kyung-Hwan Kim has joined the group. Welcome!!

February 17, 2009

T.K. Shim finally finished his Ph.D. course and joined the group as a post-docroal fellow. Conglatulations!!!

February 17, 2009

S.C. Cha give a talk at the Optical Society of Korea at University of Seoul.

January 20, 2009

Prof. Kim and SungHyun Kim are attending 'Photonics west 2009' held in San Jose, CA, USA from Jan 24 to Jan 29. They are out of townn from Jan 20 to Jan 29.

January 3, 2009

We have a new year's party at Prof. Kim's house on Jan 3.

September 8, 2008

Liao Qinghong joined our group. He is an exchange student from China. Welcome!!!

September 8, 2008

Prof. Kim is out of town from September 8 to 11 attending 'International Workshop on Current Problems in Soft Matters' at KAIST. He is scheduled to give a talk on September 10.

August 26, 2008

Prof. Kim is out of town from August 26 to 29 attending '6th International Symposium on Advanced Photonic Science and Technology' at Hanyang University. He is scheduled to give a talk on August 26.

August 06, 2008

Prof. Kim gives a talk at the q-Psi summer school on August 06 at Korea University. He will talk about 'Introduction to optical techniques for single-molecule Biophysics'

July 10, 2008

Prof. Kim is out of town attending 'Korean-Ukraine(Україна) seminar on nanophotonics and nanophysics' held in Ukraine for July 13 ~ July 18.

July 05, 2008

SMOS wiki has re-launched based on mediawiki.

June 25, 2008

Prof. Kim and Taekyu Shim are out of town attending 'International liquid crystal conference' held in jeju for Jun 29 ~ July 4.

April 17, 2008

We might be found at the KPS meeting held in Deageon on APR17 and APR18.

March 09, 2008

Prof. Kim and Y.N. jeon are out of town for a week (Mar9~Mar15) attending APS meeting.

March 03, 2008

Shin, Hyeon-ki has joined our group. Welcome!!!

February 27, 2008

Sung, woong-Mo has joined our group. Welcome!!!

February 27, 2008

First SMOS Lab wiki has launched. Nlolab Wiki is based on moniwiki.

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